Introducing Grow Liverpool: The Blog

I’m writing this first post on a Saturday morning, as I milk the last few weekends of being responsible only for myself. Making and changing plans as freely as I like or getting rid of plans altogether. But this freedom it seems will soon be a thing of the past as I am two weeks away from becoming a mum. The advice from people in the know, enjoy as many lie-ins as possible and sleep whenever there’s a chance!! Weekends as a parent, I am warned, are a whole different ball game. In fact they’re likely to actually involve a ball game or some other tightly scheduled list of activities that involve precision planning of drop-offs, pick-ups, kit preparation, snack and drink provisions and probably more of your hard earned pennies than you care to add up!

More and more kids across Liverpool are spending their evenings and free time at clubs, classes and activities outside of school. There are hundreds of events and activities to choose from and most often parents tell me they’re relying on word of mouth to really know which ones are any good. There are no shortage of websites and apps advertising one off events and sessions but in a world of reviews and recommendations surely we want something more honest and informed than a paid ad! That is where Grow Liverpool comes in…

Since becoming a teacher I have been intrigued by the growing number of activities students participate in outside of school and college time. Not only are students attending the more common activities such as dance, drama and sports teams, but the range of activities available also seems to be growing. In Liverpool you might be driving your daughter to Fencing one night and Rock climbing the next. Your children are certainly filling their time (and yours).

So as I venture into this new world of parenting I want to learn a bit more about how my daughter might choose to fill her time. But primarily, I am writing this because the goal posts of education change so frequently that it’s impossible to tell which direction it might head in next. Maybe, this has contributed to parents needing to provide a range of additional activities outside of school and if it hasn’t yet it’s not impossible to think it might do so. There is no guarantee that schools won’t be forced to cut art provision, make all sport non-competitive, withdraw funding from resources that allow practical exploration of subjects or simply alter the provision to focus on a small number of ‘key’ subjects. This is all hypothetical (kind of) but the possibility of it makes our choice of additional activities feel a little more important.

This blog is for all local Liverpool parents who want to know a little bit more about what activities are out there. Maybe you class yourself as a ‘tiger mother’ and want to see what else you can add to the weekly schedule. Maybe you work full time and want your kids to have something structured to do when your energy has run out or maybe you’re looking at activities for the first time and don’t have a clue where to begin. I have started making my way around some of those classes and will be feeding back on the best ones I find.

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