To the Momagers…

The job of ‘parent’ is a thankless one at times. You have all made your own sacrifices, maybe given up luxuries, missed social events and most likely sacrificed those stunning little new numbers for your wardrobe in favour of something completely adorable for your little miss or mister to wear instead. But all those sacrifices aside, what is more precious to any parent than time. The thing you’ve given up the most of in pursuit of giving your child the ultimate schedule of events.

When you take them to that first class, you want them to love it- but often that love comes with a huge commitment. You are now their manager (or momager to those of you familiar with the Kardashians). This involves, scheduling classes and events, organising kits and costumes, providing transport to and from said classes and events, supervising, and in more cases than I even realised before beginning this blog, participating! But who are you to say ‘not today’ to that little face when, after all, they’re showing enthusiasm for something other than youtube videos of kids opening eggs!

To all the Momagers and dads (but dadager doesn’t really work) out there who make this commitment, another sacrifice. You are wonderful. Selfless. Probably exhausted, but hopefully satisfied. That little brain that you created is being enriched. That little body you have watched grow is being exercised and challenged. That gorgeous face that saturates your phone’s photo album is happy, doing something that it loves, thanks to you.




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