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Whilst pregnancy can have its drawbacks, not least cutting out the sushi and blue cheese, for many women those forty weeks are a time where a bond like no other is created. It’s possibly one of the only times you will fall in love with a person before you have met them or even have a clue what they look like. That bump is part of you and it becomes the talking point of most rooms you walk into. For me the growing bump was the sign that everything was well and yes, I did indulge myself with an album full of ‘bump pics’ on my phone to document its weekly swell. As I eagerly awaited the moment I would meet my daughter for the first time and be able to feel her, see her, smell her and hear her little noises, what I hadn’t prepared myself for was that I would miss my bump. It was the beginning of something, but also the end.

This is not a post about me, but I begin with my story as I have come to realise it mirrors that of many women. Carrying your babe means you move with them, feel them and are helping them develop constantly, but how can you continue to do those things once that gorgeous little person is out in the world?

Mitchy Titch Yoga for babies and children creates an opportunity for you to replicate the closeness you had with your bump through communication and physical contact. I met with Nicola who runs the South Liverpool branch of Mitchy Titch and observed how moving together as parent and baby can be an effective way of communicating with your babe in their early stages. The class I visited took place in the sensory room of Hug-a-Mug in Gateacre and began with baby massage delivered by mum or dad. The exercises that followed were selected to improve muscle tone, increase body awareness and aid motor development and coordination. Parents do not need to be experienced in yoga but will most definitely feel the gentle benefits of the session for themselves as well as baby.


I could spend this post further listing the benefits of baby yoga but you can find that on the Mitchy Titch website. The activity has become increasingly popular for parents with young babes and Mitchy Titch is amongst several companies offering the activity locally. What struck me about Nicola’s session and her reasons for running them was her empathy with the challenges of being a new parent. Nicola explained that one of her key objectives each term was to ensure parents embraced the social side of the classes, a task made easier by the relaxed and social environments the classes run in (see venues below). Whilst the class may be marketed as a session for baby, Nicola was most keen that parents used the sessions as a way to meet others and build a network. As a new mum I can already feel the pull towards people adapting to the lifestyle in the same way myself and my husband are, people less likely to judge the milk stain on my leggings and the omnipresent whiff of dry shampoo that lingers around my ever darkening, neglected roots.

Whatever your reasons for attending these classes you are sure to experience the following- A friendly welcome, time to bond with your babe, a chance to brush off the cobwebs with some movement and physical activity, opportunities to meet and socialise with other parents before, during and after the classes, a great cup of coffee and a cheeky slice of cake (it would be rude not too!)


For more information about class content, age ranges, instructors, venues and the benefits of baby yoga, visit the main Mitchy Titch website-

For specific information about Nicola’s South Liverpool sessions running at Hug-a-Mug, WigWam and Funtown follow the link below-


Twitter: @MitchyTitchNic

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