The Barista and Me

Yes, it’s all about the children’s experience… and the vanilla latte.

“My child attends 18 extra curricular activities and each one is chosen specifically to enhance a different element of their development, educational journey, maturity and wellbeing. We have scheduled the week so that our dear offspring has the most stimulating and challenging additional curriculum it is possible to achieve. We feel this is extremely important to the enrichment and future career opportunities of our little darling… oh and it gives me time to drink a coffee without it going cold!

Okay, so it’s not all about the coffee, but someone else working hard to stimulate your child’s brain for a couple of hours a week, while you disappear for a liaison with the local barista is definitely a perk.

As the market for additional activities continues to grow parents have a multitude of reasons for scheduling their child’s time outside of school. Improving future prospects, introducing new situations, improving their social skills, building on a natural talent, improving an area of weakness, combating boredom, offering something the school does not, following in your footsteps, finding a role model, alternative to childcare, improving mental health and wellbeing, keeping fit, getting them out of the house, breaking gender stereotypes- okay, the list is endless. There is no denying that you could tick off a multitude of benefits for one going to swimming lessons while the other goes trampolining. But what if your main reason is that those two clubs run at the same time, are next door to each other, don’t require parental supervision and are in walking distance of your most treasured coffee drinking spot. Well I would say, high five, great parenting!

Whether it’s Thursday evening and the week has been long or Monday afternoon and you already need the break there is no shame in passing the responsibility of stimulating that young brain to someone else while you refresh yours. What’s more, no-one needs to know! While you smuggly sip on your vanilla latte and snaffle the last lemon tart you can think about all of the ‘benefit boxes’ you are ticking (whether you meant to or not)!

Vanilla latte and lemon tart not your bag…? Try one of these treats during your moments’ peace in South Liverpool…

Naked Lunch Cafe– Smithdown Road- The Campfire Latte


Neighbourhood Cafe– Woolton Road- Salted Caramel Tart with Cream and Honeycomb


The Little Owl Cafe– Wellington Road- Rolo Cake


Healthy options (probably) available… but it’s not that kinda blog!

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