Mamafit Buggy Running

Blog Post 18- Mamafit Buggy Running


Two and a bit months in and maternity leave is all I thought it would be; a completely new kind of hard work and a LOT of coffee and cake. The vision of spending my mat leave in coffee shops surrounded by other mums has very much been a reality so far and I really cannot knock it, but before long, you need something to balance out the sugar hit. This is by no means me giving up on the sweet treats, if I’ve been told once I’ve been told a hundred times that while you’re breastfeeding you’re welcome to the cake and who am I to challenge this very ‘official’ advice. However, after so long even the most comfortable couch potato needs to blow out those cobwebs. So, to begin the new year I signed up to a 6 week buggy running course with Mamafit UK.

As someone who likes the idea of keeping fit more than the reality of it I was unsure about how well I would fit in, I shouldn’t have worried. The group was made up of mums of all varying abilities, many of them there for similar reasons to myself. The group meet at Otterspool adventure park and after warming up, run at intervals along the promenade. Running alongside a partner gives you a great opportunity to catch up on a bit of grown up conversation and although 99% of the chat was inevitably about the babes we pushed along in front of us, I definitely felt a little piece of my pre-baby self coming back. For this reason buggy running is up there as one of the most social of the pregnancy and baby classes I’ve attended, making it great for people looking to expand their circle of friends to include other mums.

Worried whether running is for you? I would say based on this first session that you don’t need any previous experience of running to attend. Rob kindly points out all the points along the way where you can stop for a rest or to feed/tend to your babe, although the majority of the little ones laid back and enjoyed the ride. The class is very low pressure but leaves you feeling like you’ve had a good work out.

Already sad about a morning without coffee and cake? Don’t worry the class ends outside the cafe and being the generous blogger that I am I tried that out for you all too. It was good.

The course is 6 weeks and you must start at the beginning of a set of sessions, the new term starts on Monday 25th February and can be booked here:

To find out more go to:







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