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Following an invite to come and try out a baby massage class with Blissful Babies I deliberated over my decision to go. For a week I had been trying to get Phoebe (my 11 week old daughter) into a napping routine in the day and this class fell right in the middle of the usual morning nap. At worst it would mean she got overtired and didn’t sleep all day, most likely she would nap a little in the car there and back and be a grump for being woken up for the class in between but either way I decided I would still go. It’s a tough life being a baby, when your biggest dilemma is snooze or be massaged. I would say Phoebe is living her best life but she’s actually living my best life!!

As predicted she nodded off on the journey there but woke as I brought her into the studio on Rice lane in Walton. As with most of the anxieties we have about our kids I shouldn’t have worried. The first thing Kerry explains when beginning baby massage is that we would never massage a sleeping or crying baby. For this reason the sessions are very baby led and mums take their cues from the babe to ensure they only get the parts of the massage they really want. Inevitably, there are some babies that will sleep through the whole hour but don’t worry, it isn’t a wasted session, mum still gets chance to learn the technique to continue with baby at home.

What I didn’t expect was that Phoebe would be so relaxed by the massage that it didn’t matter to her that it was instead of a nap. She was so calm throughout and responded really well to the tummy and leg strokes. Kerry encourages parents to talk through the techniques with the baby as they do them and although we all took a little coaxing to do so, the bonding time felt really special.

Given that there are several baby massage classes to choose from in Liverpool I would like to point out that the thing unique to these sessions is Kerry herself. Kerry comes from a background working in Liverpool Children’s Centres as a Family Link Worker. She has a degree in English and Psychology and has been a volunteer and governor for Blueberry Park School. This is all as well as spending a period of time as a stay at home mum raising her 4 children. It’s safe to say that Kerry has a wealth of expertise both personally and professionally that allows her to really understand the needs of mums, dads and babies.

Kerry is very keen that parents implement the massage into babies routine at home and as well as recapping techniques learnt previously each week she sends out instruction sheets for each set of strokes and adds all parents in the class to a whatsapp group where she shares pictures of you and your baby from each class.

Although the session I attended was at Kerry’s own studio in North Liverpool, she also runs sessions at WigWam and Marmalade Skies in South Liverpool. For more information or to book onto a course visit:

Facebook: @BlissfulBabiesLiverpool

Twitter: @BlissfulBabiesL

Instagram: liverpool_blissfulbabies


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