Choosing a Performing Arts class? Read this first!

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So, you made a little drama queen! You can’t imagine where they got it from, certainly not from you! Now you can go one of two ways, try desperately to shoe-horn this little ball of energy into an activity that will calm them and give them good solid focus, or embrace the drama by developing it at an activity designed to do exactly that (which incidentally, is more likely to improve their level of calm and focus). Drama clubs and Youth Theatre have been a popular extra curricular activity for young people for a long time and although I may be biased, coming from a performing arts background, I can certainly fly the flag for why this type of activity has stood the test of time.

There is a huge range of performing art activity going on in our flamboyant and cultural city and so knowing where to start looking can be difficult. Drama is not only about performance, it offers opportunities to develop and shape young people, allows them to express themselves creatively, creates social environments where essential skills in communication, problem solving and teamwork are fostered and more increasingly it allows young people to understand and challenge the political world around them.

In this post we’ll be looking at four different opportunities available to young people in Liverpool, each has been chosen as it offers something different .

20 Stories High











20 Stories High is a Theatre company that offer a Youth Theatre (13-21) and Young Actors Company (17-25). Young people are recruited through attendance at an open workshop or through outreach workshops that take place across the city. 20 Stories create exciting work that is a mash up of dance, spoken word, music, song, street dance and even puppetry. They describe themselves as, gritty, jumping, melodic, rebellious, contemporary, mashed-up, authentic, original, visual, challenging, lyrical, tender, anarchic, diverse, surprising, booming, political, funny, collaborative and heart-felt and all of these elements can be seen, heard and felt in the work they present. They create opportunities for people from excluded communities and are an excellent example of diversity within the arts.

To be part of 20 Stories would mean not only that you would develop as a performer but that you would be expected to be an active participant throughout the process of creating work. My experience of young people who have thrived working with 20 Stories Youth theatre are those who want their own voice to be sewn into the work, young people that have a lot to say and need somewhere to say it.

20 Stories is right for you if you-

  • Would like to develop skills in dance, spoken word, music, song, street dance or puppetry.
  • Want to be involved in the creation of new work
  • Want an opportunity to contribute your thoughts and opinions

20 stories’ top three priorities for their youth work are-

  • To develop transferable skills
  • To build confidence
  • To improve performance skills


Imaginarium Theatre run a Youth Theatre open (11-15) and a Young Actors programme (16-19), which is run project by project and usually involves an audition. They also run a Children’s Company and Creative Arts Club (4-11) which can be found under Imaginarium Kidz. Imaginarium work on a range of projects from devised work and new writing to Shakespeare. Each year they take part in the National Theatre Connections festival where they produce a piece of new writing to be performed at a regional venue, with a chance of progressing the work to the National Theatre London. Aside from this project imaginarium pride themselves on creating performance with young people that are taken out to a range of spaces from traditional theatres to outdoor spaces such as Ness Botanical Gardens.

Imaginarium are also a registered centre for Arts Award Leadership qualifications (5-25)

Imaginarium has recently changed its name and was previously known as MATE productions.

Imaginarium is for young people who-

  • Think outside the box
  • Are looking for a new experience of theatre
  • Enjoy working in a range of interesting spaces

Imaginarium’s top three priorities for their youth work are-

  • To improve performance skills
  • To build confidence
  • To help kids to socialise and work with a range of people

Find out more about them!

Facebook: or



Eddie Chinn Drama Workshops


Eddie Chinn Drama Workshops take place once a month at Childwall Sports Academy and are available to young people between 11-17. Eddie says, “There are too many times nowadays where scripts are seen as the be all and end all.  However, If we don’t know how to perform the script or which techniques to use the text will never come to life.”  These workshops allow young people to explore their creativity in a fun and safe environment. An actor must be prepared from the inside out.  It is the inside knowledge that creates the outside confidence. Workshops include; Improvisation, owning characters, devising, risk-taking and confidence building as a performer.

Eddie Chinn Drama Workshops are for young people who-

  • Want to build their repertoire of techniques as a performer
  • Are willing to work outside their comfort zone to discover new capabilities
  • Would benefit from working with new people outside their familiar friendship group

Eddie Chinn’s top three priorities for the classes are-

  • To build confidence
  • To help kids to socialise and work with a range of people
  • To improve performance skills

Find out more about them!





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Showbizzi differs from the other offers in that their classes and workshops are one to one. Offering sessions in Singing, Piano, Drama, Music Theory, Make-up, Confidence building and Acting Through Song, Showbizzi is less about the social side of attending performing arts classes and more about skill development. Showbizzi say, ‘1-2-1 lessons will focus on the skill in question and the student will learn correct postures and safety surrounding the skill.

Workshops will include working together to improve skills and to help the student develop as an artist and person.’

Showbizzi one to one sessions are for young people who-

  • Want to specialise in developing a specific skill
  • Would benefit from the focus and discipline of one to one tuition

Showbizzi’s top three priorities are-

  • To improve performance skills
  • To prepare young people for exams and assessments
  • To prepare young people for the performing arts industry

Find out more about them!


Instagram: @showbizzivoice


One thought on “Choosing a Performing Arts class? Read this first!

  1. Great info. My little one is only five but seems to be drawn to performing, singing, dancing etc so this is good stuff to know for the future. When I asked her who she’d like to dress as for World Book Day she said “Lady GaGa”! 🙈

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