3 reasons you and your baby need Moo Music in your life!

Only weeks into my maternity leave, as I became a regular on the baby clubs and classes circuit, one particular class kept popping up in conversation. Moo Music came highly recommended time and time again with new mums slipping each other the insider knowledge of when the next booking period went live. They tell you life changes when you become a mum but never had I imagined my time chasing tickets for Hamilton on the West End would aid me in grabbing my spot on a cow themed music class. Needless to say we got our place and joined Laura at Aigburth Community Church for our first session. I am pleased to say that it definitely lived up to the hype and here are our 3 reasons you and your baby need Moo Music in your life!

  1. The costumes!

Now this definitely shouldn’t be my favourite thing about the class… but it is! And I’m willing to bet a pretty penny that it will be yours too. As if we didn’t have enough reasons to overload our phones with pictures of these amazing little people we created but mid-way through each session Laura comes round with baby sized little costumes to help immerse your mini musician fully into the theme of the class. Have your phone on hand, you will want to take a few hundred pictures!


2. There is a song for everything

If you find yourself running out of replacements for swear words as you attempt to get your child ready and out of the house each day, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a song for that. Have a job getting that little darling in or out of the bath without an absolute melt down? Moo Music have it covered, there’s a song for that too! In fact the fabulous thing about loads of the songs you learn is that they can get you through some of the ‘trickier moments’ and have you coming out the other side looking like Mary Bloody Poppins!

  1. Much more than just music

While the unique element of the sessions is that the music is written specifically for Moo classes what I have loved about the sessions is the range of resources the babies have to explore. Every song has instruments and props to go along with it and the songs encourage specific types of interaction between parent and baby and the other babies in the room. The attention to detail is brilliant and has me looking forward to the class every week.


South Liverpool sessions run from Aigburth Community Church and WigWam Coffee Shop and can be booked at https://www.moo-music.co.uk/areas/liverpoolsouth


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