5 things to consider when choosing your Water Babies class…

When it comes to babies the only constant is change. Just as you think you’ve nailed something the balls are back up in the air and you return to square one. As babies can start the classes from only a few weeks old it can be difficult to really work out what time of day is best for baby. Something that works one week may not the next, but here are a few suggestions to consider when choosing your class…

  1. When is baby at their most refreshed and alert?

From experience I can absolutely say that a tired baby does not make a good Water Baby. Choose a time of day when baby is likely to have been able to nap before the session. Most babies have certain times of day when they are fussier than usual, if your baby has a ‘witching hour’ it’s probably best to avoid being in the pool around this time.


2. Do you need a helping hand?

All Water Babies venues are different and the changing facilities vary. There are no venues where it would be impossible to change baby alone but it can often make for a more relaxing experience if you do have an extra pair of hands to help peel off that happy nappy.


3. How can you make the most of the big nap that’s heading your way?

Friends who have had babies before us have reminisced about the lovely long lunches and adult conversations they were able to have as their baby had a super nap each week after swimming. You may want to capitalise on some time for yourself in the day or you may want to get the class towards the end of the day to ensure an easy bed time.


4. Can you get to and from the venue easily at that time of day?

I have found that the time leading up to the session is key to a happy baby in the pool. Where is your baby going to be most well rested in advance of the class? A baby that always snoozes in the car might benefit from a venue further from home or babies that rest well in their pram might enjoy walking to and from the venue.


5. Are other plans likely to clash leading to missed sessions?

If like us your weekends get booked up 3 months in advance by eager grandparents securing their snuggle time then week day classes are going to be best. Each class is so important that you should aim to miss as few as possible. Inevitably things will sometimes get in the way and when they do Water Babies are often able to organise a catch up session at another venue for you to keep you on track.

If all of the above has absolutely baffled your brain and you’re now thinking there will never be a time of day suitable to all of the above then trial and error is the key. The team at Water babies are great at troubleshooting when something isn’t working so don’t worry if your first decision isn’t the right one.


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