Liverpool Language Lab



In the last post The Power of Praise we touched on language and how much our babies
understand in their first weeks, months and years. Since then I have visited the Liverpool Language Lab which is set up to find out just that. The Liverpool Language Lab is based at the University of Liverpool and is made up of researchers and students interested in understanding how children learn language. I love the idea of knowing more about what’s going on in Phoebe’s ever growing brain and if like me you were fascinated by the BBC programme Babies: Their Wonderful World then you might want to get involved with the Liverpool Language Lab. To be able to find out what children know they need willing families and children to take part in their studies. Some of these are online, some take place at home and some take place in the lab. The lab works with babies and children between 0-5 years. Even before children can talk researchers can find out a lot about what children know about the language they are learning by seeing what they like to look at and listen to.

Interested families can join the volunteer database here:

This means they can send you an email when a study comes up that’s suitable for your child’s age and then you can decide whether you would like to take part or not.

For more information visit –

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