The Pay Off

The activities we do with our little ones are most often about the benefits for them. The development, the social time, the exercise, but as we enter the holiday season I’m loving seeing the posts from parents whose holidays have been transformed by Water Babies sessions. Not only are there videos and photos from proud parents of their little fish jumping in, swimming along and splashing around with the confidence of a baby born with fins but even more importantly I have recently read two accounts from parents who have suffered the unfortunate event of their babe falling into water. On both occasions the safety training underpinning all Water Babies sessions kicked in and the children were able to get themselves to the side and hold on before someone reached them. 

Our little holiday to Cornwall was filled with paddling in the sea, swimming at the local pool and splashing around in the paddling pool. The only thing we missed that week was our class.

Here’s a little video of Phoebe meeting the sea for the first time (it was rather chilly!)


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