Mini Maestros- Rise Music Education

It’s 4pm and as kids everywhere are winding down from their days at school their little brothers and sisters are just getting started as Mini Maestros begins at Bean There Coffee Shop. 

The class is the ultimate opportunity for your own mini maestro to express themselves through music. Whether banging a drum, shaking a bell or dancing with mum during the disco section, music floods the session and fuels the energy and interaction of every mini.

You can tell from the class that most of the maestros are regulars as they confidently enter the space and begin collecting up instruments, testing them out, sharing them with friends and in Phoebe and a few other babies case, tasting them! 

The fact that so many families return is testament to how much the kids enjoy the class. These sessions are perfect for families that require some flexibility and can’t commit to booking a term of dates in advance. You can choose to book individual sessions in advance but there is also the option to pay on the day, subject to availability. 

The whole session is underpinned by live accompaniment on the keyboard and so the session moves at the pace set by the minis in the class that day. Pip leads you through a mixture of original songs and new lyrics set to familiar tunes, all of which are projected onto the wall to ensure mum, dad, nan or grandad have no excuse not to sing along! 

From bouncing nuts to a chill out under the stars this session delivered on all counts. With sessions on weekdays and weekends there’s no excuse not to give this one a try. 


Find more info at: 


Facebook: @minimaestrosliverpool

Instagram: @mini_maestros_liverpool

Twitter: @risemusicedu


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