The musicians of the future- Music in Unison

There is no doubt that Liverpool is a city defined by music and you only have to take one glance at the baby/toddler scene to see that the city is continuing to invest in the musicians of the future. We have already written about Moo Music and Mini Maestros and here we discuss our third musical experience with Music in Unison. Music in Unison is about exposing children to quality musical experiences. The founder, Tara, combines her Early Years training with her training as a classical musician to produce a meaningful, age appropriate approach to the sessions.

The class focuses closely on specific instruments and the songs are devised around exploring each one. Tara, also encourages exploration of vocal sound as she weaves in and out of a giant piece of Swiss cheese (you probably need to see this to really understand it!) and Stephen accompanies Tara in each song on the keyboard. The crowning glory of this session for me was the location, as the music was beautifully paired with the backdrop of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Other gorgeous venues include Baby Bear’s Den, Crosby, St Peter’s Parish Hall, Formby and The Hart Space, Southport.

Our stand out moment and the reason I was so keen to attend this class was the opportunity for the babies to listen to live music played for them and to them. Tara and Stephen played True Colours as the babies looked on in awe. In this song and others, Tara’s approach is to get up close with the babies, making eye contact and working on their level. This technique helps to hold their attention for longer and encourage them to engage with the musician and the instrument.

In this clip I love Phoebe’s sneaky look back to check I’m watching too. The smile at the end is the best review we could give of this beautiful session. (I also chopped off her mullet after realising how ridiculous it was getting in this vid!)

All information including venues, days, times and how to book can be found on the website.

For more info or to book a class visit



Instagram: @music_in_unison

Twitter: @musicinunison


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