What you need to know before Week One of Water Babies…

The Dunk! So you’ve all seen the Nirvana-esque images of babes underwater, heading for the camera with eyes wide open and arms and legs spread wide. Capturing that very image might even be the reason you’ve signed up your brand new little babe for swimming lessons only weeks after they arrived. But what you may have failed to spend much time thinking about is that … Continue reading What you need to know before Week One of Water Babies…

The Storybarn- Calderstones Park

It was one of those mornings where the nap-time stars had aligned and I arrived for the 10am Incy Wincy Rhymers session with a beautifully well-rested and alert little babe. What a perfect place for a happy baby to be. The main activity space is upstairs and is beautifully curated as a place where imaginations can run wild. Amongst the reading nooks and soft seating … Continue reading The Storybarn- Calderstones Park

The Everyman Cinema -Baby Club

‘Poppins’ to the Cinema The one thing I’ve heard over and over again from new mums and dads is how you never get to go to the cinema anymore once you have a baby. It’s the very reason I found myself surrounded by people considerably older than me at the ‘silver screen’ events as I crammed in afternoon screenings of whatever I could in the … Continue reading The Everyman Cinema -Baby Club

Alternative Fitness

Introducing Airborn Academy It’s January and all around us are declarations of ‘New Year, New You!’ The shops are filled with the kind of Lycra that make the mince pie munching moments seem a terrible mistake and we quickly begin formulating plans to test, tone and tighten the bits that have gone slightly astray. But for those of you with more Christmas elves than just … Continue reading Alternative Fitness

Firefit Hub- Liverpool’s Super Youth Zone

What can you get for 50p? Recently, the conversation in many meetings has turned to access, cost and opportunities. There is often a very fine balance to be struck between making the activity as affordable as possible whilst ensuring it makes enough profit to be viable for the activity organiser. It’s a balance which many of the companies I have met with are struggling to … Continue reading Firefit Hub- Liverpool’s Super Youth Zone