Mucky Monkeys – Liverpool

Phoebe loves a good bath and so finding herself in there at 12pm in the afternoon was a real treat! The events leading up to that early bath involved splattered, smeared and smudged paint, cut grass which found its way into every nook and cranny, along with a nice portion of green rice. No this wasn’t some ultra modern nouvelle cuisine, this was a morning … Continue reading Mucky Monkeys – Liverpool

Selena’s Suppers- Baby Led Weaning Workshop

It’s never the things you expect that trip you up and after getting through the early trials of breast feeding, creating routines, sleep training and the general ‘getting out of the house in less than two hours’ challenges that come with early motherhood I never expected to be so thrown by the weaning process.    I consider myself to be quite a relaxed parent and … Continue reading Selena’s Suppers- Baby Led Weaning Workshop

Mini Maestros- Rise Music Education

It’s 4pm and as kids everywhere are winding down from their days at school their little brothers and sisters are just getting started as Mini Maestros begins at Bean There Coffee Shop.  The class is the ultimate opportunity for your own mini maestro to express themselves through music. Whether banging a drum, shaking a bell or dancing with mum during the disco section, music floods … Continue reading Mini Maestros- Rise Music Education

The Pay Off

The activities we do with our little ones are most often about the benefits for them. The development, the social time, the exercise, but as we enter the holiday season I’m loving seeing the posts from parents whose holidays have been transformed by Water Babies sessions. Not only are there videos and photos from proud parents of their little fish jumping in, swimming along and … Continue reading The Pay Off

The Mum behind the wet-suit

Finding balance and feeling content is so difficult to achieve, we spend a lot of time being the person or listening to the person who complains about work or the kids, or both! So it was absolutely refreshing to meet Heather, mum of four and Water Babies instructor and hear her genuinely rave about her work and life as a mum.  The fascinating thing about … Continue reading The Mum behind the wet-suit

Phoebe is swimming for Tommy’s

It’s hard to believe that every day, across the UK, 684 women go through a miscarriage, 152 babies are born too early and 10 babies are stillborn. Baby loss is preventable, we know this because people who are cared for in Tommy’s clinics are more likely to leave with healthy babies. For this reason it is essential that we keep funding Tommy’s to develop their … Continue reading Phoebe is swimming for Tommy’s

Water Babies – Is it worth the money…?

When speaking to mums and dads about Water Babies the conversation often comes back to the same thing, the cost. There is no denying that £157.50 for a 10 week course is going to leave a dent in any maternity pay packet so what are you paying for and is it worth making savings elsewhere to introduce your little fish to the water? Here is … Continue reading Water Babies – Is it worth the money…?