Liverpool Language Lab – Taking part

We’ve visited the Liverpool Language Lab before to see what they do and find out how we could get involved. When we last posted about it ( Phoebe was only 6 months old. 4 months on and Phoebe was asked to take part in a new study.  Infants are learning important things about language as early as they can hear it, well before they start … Continue reading Liverpool Language Lab – Taking part

The Pay Off

The activities we do with our little ones are most often about the benefits for them. The development, the social time, the exercise, but as we enter the holiday season I’m loving seeing the posts from parents whose holidays have been transformed by Water Babies sessions. Not only are there videos and photos from proud parents of their little fish jumping in, swimming along and … Continue reading The Pay Off

The Mum behind the wet-suit

Finding balance and feeling content is so difficult to achieve, we spend a lot of time being the person or listening to the person who complains about work or the kids, or both! So it was absolutely refreshing to meet Heather, mum of four and Water Babies instructor and hear her genuinely rave about her work and life as a mum.  The fascinating thing about … Continue reading The Mum behind the wet-suit

Phoebe is swimming for Tommy’s

It’s hard to believe that every day, across the UK, 684 women go through a miscarriage, 152 babies are born too early and 10 babies are stillborn. Baby loss is preventable, we know this because people who are cared for in Tommy’s clinics are more likely to leave with healthy babies. For this reason it is essential that we keep funding Tommy’s to develop their … Continue reading Phoebe is swimming for Tommy’s

Choosing a Performing Arts class? Read this first!

The Performing Arts Edition So, you made a little drama queen! You can’t imagine where they got it from, certainly not from you! Now you can go one of two ways, try desperately to shoe-horn this little ball of energy into an activity that will calm them and give them good solid focus, or embrace the drama by developing it at an activity designed to … Continue reading Choosing a Performing Arts class? Read this first!

The Barista and Me

Yes, it’s all about the children’s experience… and the vanilla latte. “My child attends 18 extra curricular activities and each one is chosen specifically to enhance a different element of their development, educational journey, maturity and wellbeing. We have scheduled the week so that our dear offspring has the most stimulating and challenging additional curriculum it is possible to achieve. We feel this is extremely … Continue reading The Barista and Me

To the Momagers…

The job of ‘parent’ is a thankless one at times. You have all made your own sacrifices, maybe given up luxuries, missed social events and most likely sacrificed those stunning little new numbers for your wardrobe in favour of something completely adorable for your little miss or mister to wear instead. But all those sacrifices aside, what is more precious to any parent than time. … Continue reading To the Momagers…