Lipstick on the cheek

For a long time I’ve become more and more aware of just how much my mum actually did (and still does) for us, but having my own baby has really made me get it. I’ve spent many nights recently wondering when the superpowers that single parents, like my mum, must kick in because lord knows being a mum is exhausting enough when the other parent … Continue reading Lipstick on the cheek

Dadventures in the Pool- Water Babies Week 4

For over a year now the attention in our house has been on me, my bump and then our little babe. When we see friends and family they first inquire about Phoebe and generally follow this up with… ‘and how are you?’ While this is all to be expected and is certainly with good intentions it’s easy to see how in the early days of … Continue reading Dadventures in the Pool- Water Babies Week 4

Mitchy Titch Yoga- South Liverpool

Back to Bump Bonding Whilst pregnancy can have its drawbacks, not least cutting out the sushi and blue cheese, for many women those forty weeks are a time where a bond like no other is created. It’s possibly one of the only times you will fall in love with a person before you have met them or even have a clue what they look like. … Continue reading Mitchy Titch Yoga- South Liverpool