Choosing a Performing Arts class? Read this first!

The Performing Arts Edition So, you made a little drama queen! You can’t imagine where they got it from, certainly not from you! Now you can go one of two ways, try desperately to shoe-horn this little ball of energy into an activity that will calm them and give them good solid focus, or embrace the drama by developing it at an activity designed to … Continue reading Choosing a Performing Arts class? Read this first!

Funny Looking Kids

Air Guitar Tuition!! The latest recommendation from Grow Liverpool- Air Guitar Tuition! No we haven’t lost our mind, or been the victim of some scam. We are however, advocating attendance at Mr Page’s Air Guitar class, one part of the Funny Looking Kids event that guarantees to have the whole audience on their feet! If you’re lucky enough you might meet Mr Page at one … Continue reading Funny Looking Kids

Nippy Netballers- 5 Star Sportz Liverpool

Give it BEEF! For some of us school PE lessons may conjure up unwelcome memories of frozen school fields, mouldy spare kits and PE teachers reminiscent of Billy Casper’s glory seeking football coach, Mr Sugden (If you haven’t seen Kes, you’re missing out!) Luckily that is not the style of Sonia and Stacey, two teachers who have set up Nippy Netballers by 5 Star Sportz … Continue reading Nippy Netballers- 5 Star Sportz Liverpool

Liverpool ITF Taekwon-Do

JUST Taekwon- DO IT! Starting this blog was an opportunity to champion some of the best additional activities in Liverpool. You don’t always get a sense of the quality of an activity through their website or social media and many parents are looking for that recommendation before they make their choice. Liverpool ITF Taekwon-Do School are different, their website tells us straight away that they … Continue reading Liverpool ITF Taekwon-Do