The musicians of the future- Music in Unison

There is no doubt that Liverpool is a city defined by music and you only have to take one glance at the baby/toddler scene to see that the city is continuing to invest in the musicians of the future. We have already written about Moo Music and Mini Maestros and here we discuss our third musical experience with Music in Unison. Music in Unison is … Continue reading The musicians of the future- Music in Unison

Dadventures in the Pool- Water Babies Week 4

For over a year now the attention in our house has been on me, my bump and then our little babe. When we see friends and family they first inquire about Phoebe and generally follow this up with… ‘and how are you?’ While this is all to be expected and is certainly with good intentions it’s easy to see how in the early days of … Continue reading Dadventures in the Pool- Water Babies Week 4

The Storybarn- Calderstones Park

It was one of those mornings where the nap-time stars had aligned and I arrived for the 10am Incy Wincy Rhymers session with a beautifully well-rested and alert little babe. What a perfect place for a happy baby to be. The main activity space is upstairs and is beautifully curated as a place where imaginations can run wild. Amongst the reading nooks and soft seating … Continue reading The Storybarn- Calderstones Park

The Everyman Cinema -Baby Club

‘Poppins’ to the Cinema The one thing I’ve heard over and over again from new mums and dads is how you never get to go to the cinema anymore once you have a baby. It’s the very reason I found myself surrounded by people considerably older than me at the ‘silver screen’ events as I crammed in afternoon screenings of whatever I could in the … Continue reading The Everyman Cinema -Baby Club

The Barista and Me

Yes, it’s all about the children’s experience… and the vanilla latte. “My child attends 18 extra curricular activities and each one is chosen specifically to enhance a different element of their development, educational journey, maturity and wellbeing. We have scheduled the week so that our dear offspring has the most stimulating and challenging additional curriculum it is possible to achieve. We feel this is extremely … Continue reading The Barista and Me