The Pay Off

The activities we do with our little ones are most often about the benefits for them. The development, the social time, the exercise, but as we enter the holiday season I’m loving seeing the posts from parents whose holidays have been transformed by Water Babies sessions. Not only are there videos and photos from proud parents of their little fish jumping in, swimming along and … Continue reading The Pay Off

Water Babies – Is it worth the money…?

When speaking to mums and dads about Water Babies the conversation often comes back to the same thing, the cost. There is no denying that £157.50 for a 10 week course is going to leave a dent in any maternity pay packet so what are you paying for and is it worth making savings elsewhere to introduce your little fish to the water? Here is … Continue reading Water Babies – Is it worth the money…?

Dadventures in the Pool- Water Babies Week 4

For over a year now the attention in our house has been on me, my bump and then our little babe. When we see friends and family they first inquire about Phoebe and generally follow this up with… ‘and how are you?’ While this is all to be expected and is certainly with good intentions it’s easy to see how in the early days of … Continue reading Dadventures in the Pool- Water Babies Week 4