Holistic Harmonies: Family Social

The dance floor is full, the lights flicker around the room and we know the words to every song that comes on. But this is not a Saturday night on the town. This is a Sunday morning at Constellations and the space has been transformed into one for families to make the most of those precious weekends together. This is the Holistic Harmonies Family Social.  … Continue reading Holistic Harmonies: Family Social

The Barista and Me

Yes, it’s all about the children’s experience… and the vanilla latte. “My child attends 18 extra curricular activities and each one is chosen specifically to enhance a different element of their development, educational journey, maturity and wellbeing. We have scheduled the week so that our dear offspring has the most stimulating and challenging additional curriculum it is possible to achieve. We feel this is extremely … Continue reading The Barista and Me