Create with Stace – Coming Soon

Let their creative side out AND keep your Hinch home! 

Ok so no-one really has a Hinch home with kids running around … do they? But if there’s one thing that can really de-rail an attempt at tidy like nothing else it’s the dreaded request by your mini for an arts and crafts day.

The spilt paint, the smeared glue, the millions of tiny pieces that somehow end up matted into the carpet, your hair and the dog. The endless request to start again on another piece of paper but the expectation that you will not only keep, but treasure every previous attempt at ‘artwork’ and display it lovingly around the house. We want to encourage creativity so we must endure this ordeal … right? Wrong! 

A Saint in the shape of an art teacher called Stacey Stokoe is about to begin her new venture Create with Stace allowing your little Picasso to ‘express themselves’ somewhere that isn’t your living room! 

Create with Stace will be running arts and crafts classes for kids in and around Liverpool allowing your minis to practice their artistic skill under the guidance of a qualified art teacher. 

If you have one of those kids that is more at home in a stationary shop than a toy shop then these classes are the perfect place to allow them time to create and make. Classes will be themed and each one will have a focus allowing the participants to try out different materials and techniques. 

The venue and dates will be confirmed very soon. If you’re interested and want to be the first to find out more follow Create with Stace now at: 

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @createwithstace

One thought on “Create with Stace – Coming Soon

  1. Thank you so much for this 😍😘👍👏👩‍🎨🎨 I am very excited to get the workshops up and running 😁
    Create with Stace- workshops to encourage exploration and inspire imagination.


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