Phoebe is swimming for Tommy’s

It’s hard to believe that every day, across the UK, 684 women go through a miscarriage, 152 babies are born too early and 10 babies are stillborn. Baby loss is preventable, we know this because people who are cared for in Tommy’s clinics are more likely to leave with healthy babies. For this reason it is essential that we keep funding Tommy’s to develop their work further and place Tommy’s clinics across the country to ensure everyone who needs them has easy access.

At the end of June Phoebe will join all Water Babies in raising money for Tommy’s during a sponsored Splashathon. Kitted out in Peppa Pig Pirates and Princess fancy dress the little Water Babies will take to the pool to complete activities and a sponsored width. With thousands of Water Babies all over the country taking part we have the opportunity to make a real difference. If every Water Babies swimmer raised £24 they could hit the £1million target.

Let’s help bring more healthy babies into the world and save the heart-ache of baby loss for as many families as possible.

To sponsor Phoebe the fish on her first fundraiser swim click the link below 

Watch the clip to hear the amazing impact Tommy’s have had on Nichola’s family.


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