Nippy Netballers- 5 Star Sportz Liverpool

Give it BEEF!

For some of us school PE lessons may conjure up unwelcome memories of frozen school fields, mouldy spare kits and PE teachers reminiscent of Billy Casper’s glory seeking football coach, Mr Sugden (If you haven’t seen Kes, you’re missing out!) Luckily that is not the style of Sonia and Stacey, two teachers who have set up Nippy Netballers by 5 Star Sportz alongside their day jobs as PE teachers at Secondary Schools in the North West.

It’s unlikely you’ll hear these PE teachers screeching across the court to drop and give them 20, you’re much more likely in fact to hear them shouting ‘give it BEEF!’ This is not a weak attempt at being ‘down with the kids’ but an acronym coined by the Nippy Netballers to remind them, at that crucial moment, to check their BEEF (Balance, Eyes, Elbows and Follow-through). As Stacey and Sonia explain the use of this technique, they note how you can see the thought process of the players as they think through each stage, a sure sign that the reminder is working. This is what Nippy Netballers is all about, skills, drills and game-play.

There are three different age groups- Teeny Tots (age 4-6), Mini Netballers (age 7-9) and Nippy Netballers (Year6+). Each age group works in a slightly different way. The Tots can spend whole terms skill building before starting to think about applying the skills to a game. Where as the Mini’s and Nippy’s regularly go between practice and application. The games are always against each other as the club does not run an actual Netball team. This in itself gives you a good idea of the club’s ethos, which is wholly inclusive and concerned with development before competition. That’s not to say that competitive spirit isn’t encouraged but everyone gets a game, even the parents…

That’s right mums and dads, enjoying your coffee on the sideline, thinking you’d got away with it! If the most recent opportunity to demonstrate your competitive spirit is trying to beat the system at Aldi by packing your bags quicker than the cashier can thrust your middle aisle bargains through the scanner then you better dust off your knowledge of the Netball court because you are up! Many sessions end with a chance for the Nippy’s to put their newly honed skills to the test against the parents. Sonia and Stacey both comment on the benefits of the young players seeing their parents out of their comfort zone or in a situation where they have to abide by the same rules as their kids. It may seem a little daunting but a chance to show your child that you won’t ask them to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself can create a real sense of respect between you both… or you totally embarrass yourself and everyone gets a good laugh, it’s a win-win situation!


After 12 successful months based in South Liverpool, Nippy’s is expanding to North Liverpool where a new club will be opening soon. The club is mixed gender, welcoming boys and  girls.

For more information about times, cost and which class to choose visit-



Twitter: @5StarSportz


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